Any party bigger then 4 people is considered a group booking.
Any group booking is obliged to contact the hostel directly(by phone or e-mail) to provide extra information about the nature of your visit.
We don’t accept bachelor/bachelorette parties.
In case of online group bookings with no direct contacts, or splitted in separate regular bookings, we may refuse your reservation.
To group bookings we apply a cancellation policy range from 48 hours to 1 week notice, depending on the number of beds and nights you plan to reserve.
We required to big groups to take over the whole rooms, when it is possible, to avoid maybe bothering other people.
We may ask you to leave a cash deposit at your arrival as insurance.
For excessive mess or staining of rooms and beds, we will charge for any further cleaning.
If the initiator of damage to rooms, including kitchen and bathrooms, cannot be ascertained, then the group as a whole will be held responsible.
We invite our guests to enjoy themselves and party, with or without us, in the common areas as long everybody respect other travellers’ right to sleep and rest.
We hope you understand our concerns