Terms & Conditions

 Our terms and conditions apply to contracts made either by telephone, letter, e-mail or personally between the hostel and guest, for letting rooms, beds and further services of the hostel.
The guests own terms and conditions are of no application to the hostel. Other arrangements are only valid, when a written confirmation is given from the hostel.
The hostel has the right to exercise its property rights if guests harm our house rules or are purposely destructive.
We will, at occurrence, use our rights thoroughly and at anytime.
Prices and payment
Guests are asked to pay immediately at check-in either by cash, credit card or debit card.
The appointed prices include value added tax – VAT. Changes of booking of any kind ( number of beds, rooms, duration or other services) allows the hostel to change prices accordingly.
We withdraw NO money from your card for on line bookings. Your card details just act as an insurance policy in case you can not stay with us, for whatever reason.
The hostel accept only cash payments in uk pounds.
Check-In and check-Out
Please give us an idea what time you will be here especially if you arrive late.
You can check in up to 9pm during weekdays, after that reception will close. Later check in are allowed, in exceptional cases, through direct phone contact.
Official check-in time is at 1pm but if you arrive earlier you can leave your luggage here and come back at one when the rooms will be ready.
Check-out time is at 11 am at the latest on the arranged day of departure. Before check out time you are requested to leave the room with all of your properties and return your hostel keys.
You are welcome to leave your lugguages with us and use the common areas for the rest of the day.
If rooms are left particularly untidy, a cleaning charge will be added.In case of loss of a key a 10 pounds charge will be added.
 Please enjoy and respect this hostel.
You are liable for any costs incurred by damage to hostel property
Vagabonds Hostel has a 24hour cancellation policy(except for groups bookings), in other words we need a full working days notice of cancellation, or it will be considered a no-show.
So if your reservation is for Saturday the cut off point is midnight on Wednesday BUT if you find  you can’t make it even as late as Saturday evening give us a call, if someone else takes the bed you will not be charged.
We regularly have backpackers showing up at the door.
No shows guests are charged for the balance of the fist night of their booking.
Hostel cancellation
The hostel obliged to cancel a contract if higher forces or other circumstances make the contract unacceptable.
False applications such as a name, address and bank details, free the hostel from carrying out a contract.
Loss or damage of items
Personal and other belongings are carried at the guests own risk. The hostel has no guard or safe-keeping duty.
The hostel has no responsibility over lost or damaged items, except in major carelessness on the hostels side.
The insurance of items brought to the hostel are of the guests concern. This includes vehicles, and the objects within them, which are parked on the outside car park.
Third parties
Our guests’ friends are welcome in the common areas(and only there) until 23:30, in agreement with our staff.Only hostel guests are allowed inside later.
If anybody is brought back at night who is not a guest, the person responsible will be fined £50.
Obligation to co-operate
The guest is obliged to make any complaints directly to our staff. These are assigned to help as quickly as possible.
In failure to make notice of a fault, a guest has no right to a reduction of fee.